• Approximately 1900; primarily human, some halfling.


  • Braham is governed by a noble aristocrat, the halfling lady Bely Ovet.

Notable Places:

  • The Adventurers Guild House: A large timber and brick building, said to be filled with dangerous beasts and monsters.
  • The ruins of Nery Keep.
  • Mara’s Ironworks: The workshop of a female human blacksmith named Mara, who is rumored to possess a small hoard of meteoric iron.

A few NPCs:

  • Adar Burrow: Male Halfling Paladin, Good. Adar has an angular face, with braided black hair and blue eyes. He wears plate mail and wields a battle axe and shield. Adar is energetic and bold.
  • Amisca Gamwes: Female Halfling Artist, Neutral. Amisca is fair in appearance, with tangled auburn hair and green eyes. She wears modest garments and a silver amulet. Amisca is haunted by the memories of a past life.
  • Anneth Mylne: Female Halfling Soldier, Good. Anneth has messy white hair and blue eyes. She wears chain mail and wields a spear and short bow.
  • Ealded: Male Human Mercenary, Neutral. Ealded has matted white hair and sharp brown eyes, and large ears. He wears studded leather and wields a warhammer and short bow. Ealded is hunting the brigands who murdered his family.

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