Herlena of Pelor

I don’t even know where I shoulder begin.  Honestly, this is the first time I have ever written inside one of these things.  I found you laying near the shore when I first opened my eyes back up.  By you I mean the book in which I am writing.  It feels kind of silly to be explaining this to a book, but right now you are the only thing I have left to hold onto after the attack, I will explain what happened during that attack eventually.

All I remember after the brutal attack was waking up here on the beach.  The water was making quick short rushes into my face, splashing into my eyes and eventually I awoke.  After the sting went away from the bright sunlight burning my eyes, the first thing I seen was a backpack swishing back and forth in the water, almost ready to be taken out by the ocean.  Stumbling to my feet and realizing I was by that ocean was an undertaking all on its own.  I don’t know how I made it to that backpack before it washed away, but thanksfully I did or I would have never found you.

I found myself back down on my knees once I grabbed the bag, they were still very weak.  I remember laying there looking up at the early day sky wondering how I got there and what had happened to me after the attack.  I held onto the pack with one hand and sheilded my eyes from the sun with the other.  I acted quickly to save the pack and it wasn’t even mine, and I still do not know why I chose to save it.  Maybe it was as simple as understanding what it could mean to my survival, or purhaps it was just instinct that lead my feet there.

After I regained my strength and stood up on the wet sandy beach, I remember looking around and seen nothing for miles.  The open ocean and the bare plaines behind me almost mirrored each other in how large and empty they were.  I decided that the first tree in sight would be the best shelter for me, out of this relentless sun scorching my skin.  I slung the pack over my shoulder and made my way in the direction of the first tree in sight.  Throwing down the pack at it’s base when I get there and then slumping over next to it, wanting nothing more then to just rest and relax.

How could I have blacked out and wake up on a beach, but still be so exhausted.  Nothing was making sense to me.  The more I sat there looking at the pack and out at the barren plaines, more thoughts came to mind and the stranger things seemed.   I wasn’t hungry at all, as if I had just sat down for a meal.  My skin burned in the direct sunlight, more so then it ever had before.  Most importatly, I looked down at my bare legs and that is when it dawned on me that wasn’t the only thing that was bare.   All of my clothes were missing, all but a small ring of what remained of a shirt colar.  It appeared as if the rest of the shirt had burnt off and this was all that had remained.

Letting go of the burnt collar and looking around at the pack sitting at my side, I finally decided to open it and look to see what contents it had.  Right away I found you tucked away in the back.  Your hard cover and tight bindings kept you from getting too damp from the water seeping through the backpack.  The book had pages already written in it that I have left in the book, but I will not discuss at this time for the privacy of the previous owner.  I still don’t know if I will ever find him again, but I promise to hand over his belongings if I do.

It took several days for me to actually write this message in you, as I had no means of doing so.  There was no ink or quill in the pack and where was I going to find it, but I figured something out.  I had a really long day today and I would love to tell you more, but I am afraid as the light dies out and night falls I need to get some stuff done before sleep.  I will write to you tomorrow and explain a little bit more of my situation.

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