Bruen & Bredove had spent many nights sharing stories from their past as they sit there in their stone cells.  Unknown there they were and what was going to happen.  Very cold nights and very little food and water was what was to be expected each and every day.  Bredove or better known as just "Bre" to Bruen as they days move forward, was a female Halfling with a background in pirating and a bit of alcohol.  Bruen being a a former head guard back in his village.  Neither of them knew how they had ended up in this place and both had their own stories to tell on what happened moments before they blacked out.


Bredove was spending a quiet evenings, well as quite as it could be for in a local tavern.  Her ship had just docked in the Port of Agytha and she headed straight for the first Tavern she seen.  Bre had some what of a drinking problem, which more accurately was a huge drinking problem.  Long hours out at a sea and the company that she chose to keep lead her down a path in which a lot of alcohol was just the right way to get through life.


She was sitting inside the tavern already on her 10th or perhaps 15th mug of ale, talking with the locals about, well just anything to keep herself awake long enough to keep drinking.   When it was time for her to call it a night, she could barely walk a not so straight line.  Making her way out onto the main road and down to an Inn to stay the night is when it happened.  She got a glance at the front door to the inn before being hit in the back of the head with something and that is all she can remember.


Bruen came from a long line of family that all served as town guards and most of them ended up becoming head of the guard.  Just as his father did Bruen moved up the ranks quickly and one day took over for his father as the Head Guard.  The night Bruen

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